Pharmacy division


The pharmacy division was opened since 2002. It has been separated from the medicine store and become aspirate stand-alone.

Pharmacy is the place of dispensing medicines to the out-patients, the patient who are slept in the lobbies, including generic drugs as well as speciel drugs for blood disease and also drugs for solid tumor which was recently developed in the center.

The dispencing of drugs to the in-patients daily basis on the installed by the treating physicion and documented on patient’s tqable was dispensed drugs for patients with heamophillia, CML, AML, CLL, ALL, NHL, HL, MDS, MM and patients with sickle cell anemia and thalacemic patients.

The dispensing medicines are documented at its own records with a daily inventory. We try to transfer the non-essential drugs which available to the rest hospitals and health establishments as-well-as the redeployment of drugs with nearly expired date to another health establishments that need it to reduce the waste.

We downloade the received drugs and dispensing drugs annually on computer and installed the drugs and the medical supplies needed by the center yearly after relying and exchange records and preparation of patient.

There is a permanent coordination between our center and the ministry of health in terms of attendance at meetings and sessions of conferences held by the ministry in order to link our work with them.

The pharmacy staff include the responsibility of the pharmacy as well as three of the medical staff.