The Tasks of the Division:
The Division conducted immunological, serological and viral tests correlated with hematological disease, and these tasks divided to immunological assessment to detect some viral infections that involved with hematological disorders and it is do so using ELISA technique. The Division conducted specific examinations for diagnosis autoimmune diseases and the tests complementary to Hematology laboratory to detect some types of anemia.
The second section is the serological tests that conduct routine work to detect some of communicable and contagious Diseases and could be done using Bench Work. These services are provided under the supervision of specialist medical staff holds a postgraduate medical certificates and in direct and continuous relation with consultant doctors who are in the center.

– Diagnosis and identification of pathogens caused the patients and that are related to hematological diseases. Patients check up by conducting necessary investigations to bone marrow transplantation.

– It is also hoped to bring many advancing devices to conduct the most sophisticated immunological tests such as HLA TYPING, Full automated immunoassay, Flow cytometry