Bacteriological Division
Tasks Division

1-To do the work of the implant for all physical fluids and materials at hand from the body in addition to planting materials resulting from the members of the body as a result of the injury.

2- Diagnosis pathogen chemical and physical means and immunhistochemistry.

3- The diagnosis and determine the type of antibiotic) (which works to address the etiology and diagnosis of other types of influence least diagnose species that resist pathogen.

4- The work of regular check-ups for workers and kitchen personnel services for the Centre to ensure their safety because they are directly in contact with the patients admitted.

5- The work of regular check-ups for all the contents of micro room operations thirsty patient safety, especially in a process of withdrawing bone

Targets Division:
1. diagnosed pathogen are very accurate.

2- The diagnosis and determine the type of antibiotic that should distract the patient.
3- diagnosis and determine antibiotic-resistant type of treatment

4- Follow-up after taking the patient to determine the response to treatment and the level of recovery achieved treatment.
5. an overall bacterial tests to prepare the patient for the process of bone marrow transplant.