Includes :

Coagulation Dep. :

Specialized in diagnosis of Coagulation disorders  and measure of the percentage of clotting factors in the blood.

Chemistry Dep. :

To examine the functions of the kidneys and liver, cholesterol and fat, as well as minerals and sugar in the blood.

Chemistry Department received this week around 120 Patients and made around 350 tests .

Hematology Dep.:

The process of dragging and transplantation of bone marrow biopsy under local anesthesia, as well as the measurement of all blood components according to the latest technologies and under the supervision of physicians and competence of skilled and highly experienced and also examines the percentage of iron in the blood and its components.

The blood bank:

Genetics and genetic research Dep.:

who is now enabled the Q-PCR, which also tests used globally and within our existing exclusively on our center.

Unit separate blood cells and the freezing of stem cells.

Division of Immunology and bacteriological.