Participation in World Bleeding Disorders Registry (WBDR)

In order to improve the services provided to the patients generally in Iraq and especially on our center the national center of hematology in cooperation with WFH (World Federation of the hemophilia) has attended training course through teleconference on the Tuesday 27/2/2018.
Iraqi side was represented by Dr. Nidhal Karim, Engineer Mohamed Khaleel, and Chemical Walla […]

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Among our national center of hematology scientific activities , the center held a workshop titled “New WHO criteria 2016 for classification of MPN” ” in the main hall of our Center on 14-15 / 2/2018.

The workshop was given by:

1 – Assist Prof Dr .Alaa Eddin Muzaffar / Faculty of Medicine University of Mustansiriya

2- Dr. […]

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Seminar about Multiple Bone Marrow Disease

In order to promote the establishment of scientific communication lines between the institutions of higher education and health medical services
The National Center of Hematology, in cooperation with Al-imamian hospital the National Center for Cancer Research and Medical Genetics, held on Monday 18/12/2017 the scientific symposium entitled “Multiple Bone Marrow Disease” at the main hall […]

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scientific symposium

The main hall of our center hosted the scientific symposium held by the students of the Iraqi Board / Pathology / Hematology on Tuesday, 28/11/2017. In this symposium, many students of the Iraqi Board gave lectures about blood diseases, as shown below. A number of Iraqi Board students, a number of teachers and staff […]

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scientific symposium

Faculty of Medicine / Al-Nahrain University / Internal Medicine Branch with the participation of National Center of Hematology Al mustansiriyah university  and Al-Kadhimin Medical City, Baghdad Teaching Hospital / Treatment / University of Mustansiriya Symposium  Scientific tagged (pure bone marrow tumor – diagnosis and treatment strategies)  (Multiple Myeloma – Diagnosis and Treatment Strategies) on […]

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Hematology center seventh scientific conference

Under the auspices of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Abdulrazzaq Al-Assa, the National Center for Hematology held its seventh scientific conference under the slogan ” Hematology Center, a landmark in the scientific research and medical reality “, in collaboration with the Iraqi Hematology Association and researchers from different Iraqi universities. […]

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Diagnosis and therapy of thrombasthenia

Among the activities of NCH with collaboration with Arab Board committee lecture was held in 29/10/2017 this lecture titled “Diagnosis and therapy of thrombasthenia” presented by Dr. Nidhal Karim Al Rahal .



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Management of Hemophilia Patients with inhibitors

Among the activities of NCH with collaboration with Arab Board committee lecture was held in 25/10/2017.

This lecture titled “Management of Hemophilia Patients with inhibitors”

Presented by Dr.Nidhal Karim Al Rahal .



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Discussion for student

The National Centre of hematology hosted the discussion of thesis for fellowship of Iraqi board Council of Hemato-pathology (Marwa Ali Mohamed) on Tuesday, 17/10/2017,
The student passed the discussion successfully for her thesis entitled “Immunohistchemical expression of CD200 & LEF-1 in bone marrow biopsies of patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia” as part of the requirements for […]

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Training in e-learning

According to the instructions from the president of the Almustansiriyah University,

Prof.Sadiq Mohamed Al-Hamash about using programs like (Outlook &Word&Power point) ,

As a part of requirements of e-learning and modern teaching methods,

The continuous learning unit in national center of hematology held training courses for the center employees and center teaching staff.

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