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The future of immune therapy for the patiens of different types of tumor

Among the scientific activities of the national center of hematology at 2018, our center hold scientific session entitled (the future of immunotherapy for the patients with different types of tumor) in the main seminar room of Tuesday of 24th July 2018. The session had been presented by Ass. Prof. Dr. Zeyad A. Shabeeb.

The […]

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Lecture about Viral Hemorrhagic Fever

This is an authorized lecture that is defining the VHF which stands for Viral Hemorrhagic Fever in the middle, and North of Iraq.

The Content Of This Lecture Consists Of:

Defining The Virus
The Transformation Of The Virus To The Citizens
How To Identify It
The Treatment Process
Precautions When It Comes To Meats
Special Treatment For Severe Cases […]

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Lecture about Molecular detection of JAK2 Mutation

Among our national center of hematology annual activities during (2018) our national center held a lecture titled (Molecular detection of JAK2 Mutation )  in the main center hall in Wednesday (11/7/2018) and this lecture attended by assistant teacher Dr. Manal Ali Abdulsaheb .

The Topics of the Lecture:

JAK 2 V617 F Mutation in MPN patients […]

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Lecture about Parasite infection carcinogenics and human malignancy

Among our national center of hematology annual activities at (2018) our center held a lecture titled (Parasite infection carcinogenesis and human malignancy) in the main center hall at Thursday (10/7/2018) .

This lecture produced by the following assistant teachers (Huda Ibrahim abdullatef & Ruaa Mekram hamed )

The Topics of the Lecture:

Relation of parasites to the […]

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Iraq won the title of the hero country

According to hard work from the national center of hematology represented by Dr.Nidhal Kareem Maroof , Eng.Mohamed Khaleel Chemical Walla Abbas in the registration of patients with bleeding disorders , this registry started from march 2018 for five consecutive years and as a result for this outstanding work , Iraq gets a certificate of […]

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Hemophilia day

A celebration was healed in National Center of Hematology at 18.April 2018 regarding the  International Hemophilia  Day . Collaboration between our center, Ministry of Health, Iraqi hemophilia society (IHS) and yield this celebration event which included several activates,
*lecture given by Dr. Nidal Karim about inherited bleeding disorders, preventive measures and importance of physiotherapy in […]

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PCR technique and the automated method by cepheid

Among our center training and scientific activities during 2018, The National Center of Hematology conducted a workshop scientific work entitled (PCR technique and the automated method by cepheid) on the main center hall in the following days (Tuesday, Wednesday) , 17-18 /April/2018 .

These workshops attended by (Dr. Luma Amar) ,(Dr. Luma Ghiab)  which is […]

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Thalassemia types and Diagnosis

Among our national center of hematology activities in 2018 the center main hall attended a lecture represented by Dr. Manal Ali Abdul sahib gave a scientific lecture about (Thalassemia types and Diagnosis) ..

The lecture deals with:

The Hemoglobinopathies Thalassemias types and causes .
Clinical features of each thalassemia types .
Method of diagnosis
How to deal with recurrent […]

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Detection of Minimal Residual Disease

As part of the training and scientific activities of 2018, the National Center of Hematology attend a lecture entitled “Detection of Minimal Residual Disease” in the main hall of the National  of Hematology on Thursday, 5/4/2018.

The lecture was delivered by Prof. Dr. Alaa Al-Din Muzaffar from   Al-Mustansiriyah University / Faculty of Medicine

The lecture dealt […]

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Training course on hemophilia

The WFH (World Federation of the hemophilia) in cooperation with the national center of hematology/ Management and research unit of inherited bleeding disorders held a training course for the stuff responsible about collecting the data belongs to hemophilia patients. .

The course aims to improve the medical reality of patients by introducing Iraq into the […]

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