National Center for Hematology

Specialized center is highly diagnosing and treating blood disorder benign and malignant .
The center has been established in 1999 through memorandum of understanding between Ministry of Higher Education and Ministry of Health >
The construction of the building of the center has been done by donation from Mr. Naser Shubber and in cooperation with Mustansiriyah University and it was built on 2 stages:
The first stage the establishment of the laboratory and the outpatient clinic,

the second stage of building inpatient room. The work at the center started in 2000, and it opened by the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Minister of Health.
The center deals with all cases of anemia (acquired & congenital), Hereditary and acquired bleeding tendency disease, Leukemia (Acute & Chronic), Lymphomas.
The center includes 20 in patients beds and 8 beds for emergency unit .
Through our outpatient Clinics we provide services to the outpatients by consultants doctors, which includes the diagnosis of pathological conditions related to blood disorders and treatment, according to updated guidelines using the latest technologies and medicines.

All laboratory test needed for diagnosis of blood disease are done inside the center in the following Laboratory:
1. Coagulation Lab.
2. Biochemistry Lab.
3. Hematology Lab.
4. Cells separation unit.
5. Genetics and genetic research.
6. The blood bank.
7. Immunology Lab .
8. Bacteriology Lab.
9. Histological Lab .

Director’s of the Center:

1. Dr.Ali Muslim Alamary (1999-2006).
2. Dr. Ghalib abd zaid Alsharefy (2006-2008).
3. Dr. Adeeb Abbas alshamy (2008-2012).
4. Dr. Alaa Fadhil Alwaan (2012-till now).



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