Among  the training and scientific activities of the Continuing Education Unit, 2019, the National Center of Hematology was established lecture marked (men infected with breast cancer) in the main hall of the center

Roa’a Makram On Monday, 13/5/2019, The lecture produced by Assistant Teacher lecture discussed the incidence of breast cancer in men and its prevalence, which is affected by several factors, including age between 60 to 70 year, as well as the effects of radiation and the use of treatments related to estrogen, liver disease and obesity, as well as the family history of the disease

The lecture included the following topics:

  1. Definition of men’s disease of breast cancer.
  2. Comparison of breast cancer in both female and male.
  3. Symptoms of the disease and methods of diagnosis and treatment.

The workshop concluded with the following recommendations:

  • The necessary tests and tests should be performed when feeling the symptoms.
  • Conduct statistics for the disease to reach its prevalence.
  • The relationship of risk factors and their impact and reduction.

The lecture was attended by many doctors, professors and masters students from various universities and specialists from different ministries.