During our National Center of Hematology activities in 2019 our center held a lecture entitled

(Lecture about Fungal Infection In Hematology) in the main hall of the center.

and On Sunday 5/5/2019 where the lecture was given by Prof. Dr. Alaa Fadhil Alwan

Dr. Maysaa Hussein agreed where the lecture dealt with the definition of fungal infection for patients with leukemia and modern methods of treatment and to reduce the side effects that affect this segment of patients.

The lecture included the following topics:

  1. Definition of fungal infections for patients with leukemia.
  2. The prevalence of fungi in this group of patients.
  3. Types of fungi and appropriate treatment.

The workshop concluded with the following recommendations:

  • Conduct appropriate tests for patients to reduce the spread of fungi that are considered fatal to the disease.
  • Conduct scientific research specialized in this field to identify more of these fungi.

The lecture was attended by many doctors, pharmacists and nurses who are directly acquainted with patients with blood diseases.