The National Center for of Hematology at Almustansiriyah university held its eighth scientific conference On Saturday, 1/12/2018 at the hall of Babylon Hotel in Baghdad with the participation of researchers, lecturers, and specialized doctors from several Iraqi universities and institutions. The President of the University, Prof. Sadiq Al-Hamash praised organizers efforts and the participated researchers. He pointed out that Hematology centers are but examples for the combination of therapeutic and applied researches, stressing that scientific research progress leads to the development of diagnostic and therapeutic methods for different Blood diseases and contributes to finding new ways of treatment.The Director of the Center. Alaa Fadhil, reviewed the achievements and challenges facing the Center as the center provides research services for graduates and undergraduates as well as its role in providing treatment to thousands of Iraqi patients annually.

The conference held in collaboration with the Iraqi Hematology Association, it included several topics related to blood diseases and its researches including the latest developments in the diagnosis of blood diseases and immunotherapy for blood cancer, bone marrow, genetic anemia, acquired blood, hereditary and lymphoma.The conference also included a review for treatment Methods and discussed the future look for hematology.It recommended cooperation between the Ministries of Higher Education and Health, unification of national efforts to treat blood cancers, supporting applied researches, expanding surveys of blood diseases and cancers, establishing a national registry, paying attention to programs on hemophilia, thalassemia, and bone marrow transplantation.