Among our national center of hematology activities during 2018 our center held a lecture title “Breast cancer the problem and prevention “   This lecture produced by Dr. (Maha Abdul-Jabbar sultan) from the college of medicine (Mustansiriyah University).   This lecture declare that the breast cancer form around 25% of the whole cancers diseases and the most disease that threat the women’s life.   Main aspects of the workshop: Description of the diseases occurrence globally regionally and locally. Modes of diagnosis and treatment in general. Prevention measures against breast cancer Importance and mechanism of practicing the breast self-examination. Recommendations: Should increase Iraqi women’s awareness about the seriousness of increasing the incident of breast cancer. Should increase the knowledge of women about breast self-examination, which has a significant impact on the early detection of the disease and then high rates of cure. All Iraqi women should have appropriate knowledge about the preventive measures that help in decreasing about 4 of 10 cases of breast cancer .