On Wednesday 7-11-2018 a workshop was held at the National center of Hematology in corporation with Iraqi Hematology society (HIS) this workshop entitled ( a little world without Bleed) and attended by specialized doctors, residents patients and their families adult and pediatric.

The program included several educational Lectures for the patients and presented by:

  1. Dr.Nidal Karim Maroof / NCH
  2. Dr .Murtatha Hassan / HIS

This activity also included a talk of one of the hema and patient’s mother who was attended a workshop outside Iraq for how to take care of patients with inherited bleeding disorders which was on the support and expense of WFH (world federation of Hemophilia).

During this workshop, several presents were distributed to the patients .it was attended by several doctors from our center and medical college- mustansiriyah university postgraduate doctors and staff of our center.