Among The Scientific activities of National center of Hematology. The center organized Work shop entitled(The use of ECL system –applications) on the 17 th October 2018.

The keynote speakers were Dr.(Zeyad A.shabeeb).Ass.Lec.(Ban Abdul-Latif )and Ass.Lec.(Yussor Falah)

ECL system on Access 2 performs different clinical Tests that are essential to diagnose many disease (Hormones) Moreover. Drug level monitoring, Detection of viral Hepatitis and Torch, Determination of vitamins and minerals that build up the blood and bones also carried out by Access too.

Many attendants were participated in this work shop from different colleges, universities and ministries.

The work shop includes the following sections:

  • General principle of ECL system
  • How to innovate this advanced Technique.
  • General Mechanism of ECL working.
  • Procedure protocol of Beckman coulter Access2 whose working on the ECL system.
  • Immunoassay Test menu of Beckman coulter Access2.
  • Run practical application on Access 2 .