Our National Center of Hematology in cooperation with Novonordisk held

 A scientific symposium on 12/9/2018 about the seventh factor drugs, which is available in the form of powder with a fragment containing a solution to dissolve the seventh factor genetically modified where the probability of infection with viruses is completely irreversible

This symposium delivered by the pharmaceutical (Ali Imad Abdul Mahdi)

The symposium included the following topics:

  1. Explanation of the uses of the seventh factor of patients with hemophilia (the lack of factor VIII with the presence of inhibitors or lack of factor VII genetic) and the advantages of the drug in terms of the possibility of keeping it at a temperature below 32 degrees and the method of giving the modern through the injector pre – filled with the liquid prefilled

2.Explain the steps experienced by the patients of the genome of hereditary blood from the time of bleeding and give the seventh factor until the time of cessation of bleeding final.

  1. sensitize patients when the bleeding is necessary to review within two hours from the time of bleeding to the emergency departments in all hospitals to take treatment and this step can reduce the waste treatment and promote the health of Iraq as health as the late treatment of bleeding costs the government enormous money and affects the patient

The seminar was attended by a number of teachers and staff of the center and patients with the lack of factor VII, where a lunch was distributed to the audience and the patients thanked National Center of Hematology for its health and medical services excellence .