A celebration was healed in National Center of Hematology at 18.April 2018 regarding the  International Hemophilia  Day . Collaboration between our center, Ministry of Health, Iraqi hemophilia society (IHS) and yield this celebration event which included several activates,
*lecture given by Dr. Nidal Karim about inherited bleeding disorders, preventive measures and importance of physiotherapy in Hemophilia. Second lecture was introduced by Dr. Murtatha Hasan, The head of Iraqi Hemophilia Society about the history of the illness and the international Hemophilia Society. One of our patients discussed his story of   his chronic illness and the progress in treatment and physiotherapy. Another Hemophilic patient participated with music playing.
This event was attended by the representative of Ministry of health, Head of Iraqi Hemophilia Society, many specialized doctors, residents and the patients with their families. It was ended by distribution of gifts and meals to all audients, supplied by Novonordisk Company.