Among our center training and scientific activities during 2018, The National Center of Hematology conducted a workshop scientific work entitled (PCR technique and the automated method by cepheid) on the main center hall in the following days (Tuesday, Wednesday) , 17-18 /April/2018 .

These workshops attended by (Dr. Luma Amar) ,(Dr. Luma Ghiab)  which is a lecturer at University of Mustansiriyah / Faculty of Science / Department of Life Sciences , (Assistant Teacher Ban Abdul Lateef ) and (The chemical Athraa Abbas ) from our national center of hematology .

Topics of the workshop:

  1. What the PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) Does mean .
  2. The most important types of PCR .
  3. Application of PCR .
  4. What is full automated PCR (Cepheid) .

This Workshop attended by many  lecturer , doctors and master students  from various universities and this and many specialists from various ministries .