The WFH (World Federation of the hemophilia) in cooperation with the national center of hematology/ Management and research unit of inherited bleeding disorders held a training course for the stuff responsible about collecting the data belongs to hemophilia patients. .

The course aims to improve the medical reality of patients by introducing Iraq into the World Federation of Hemophilia, which contributes to the dissemination of research and exchange of data with the scientific community and allow them to identify the clinical and clinical cases of patients in Iraq

The World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) is a global organization that seeks to address patients with hereditary hemorrhagic, hemophilia and Willebrand disease .

Iraqi side was represented by (Dr. Nidhal Karim), Engineer (Mohamed Khaleel), and Chemical (Walla Abbas) .

Which they attended the training course .


The lecture discusses the following issues:

  1. The need to pay attention to information entered when registering patients..
  2. Accurate information and the need to follow up and update patients’ files.
  3. Inform patients of the need to complete their information in order to complete the input correctly.