Under the auspices of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Abdulrazzaq Al-Assa, the National Center for Hematology held its seventh scientific conference under the slogan ” Hematology Center, a landmark in the scientific research and medical reality “, in collaboration with the Iraqi Hematology Association and researchers from different Iraqi universities. The conference was supervised by the President of the University, Dr. Sadiq Mohammed Al-Hamash, it aimed to improve the scientific and the medical reality in the country to keep pace with the latest scientific and research developments in Hematology in Iraq, the region, and the world. Al-Hamash welcomed the guests and praised the scientific achievements of Mustansiriyah University, especially the National Center for Hematology as he stressed that these researches should be practical to meet the needs of the patients. Director of the National Center for Hematology, Prof. Alaa Fadhil Alwan, delivered his speech reviewing the mission, vision, and achievements of the Center established in 2000 to provide services on the scientific research and Health in the country. During the current year , the Center completed 16 researches on  Hematology, as well as it received   about 17 thousand patients .The conference included several topics related to Hematology  including the latest developments in Hematology diagnosis , treatment of blood cancers ,and  genetic anemia .The conference also included a presentation of 30 specialized researches , half of which were a practical  and related to  the medical reality .The conference concluded with several recommendations, the most important of which was  the emphasis on unifying  the national efforts in the field of cancer treatment, especially blood cancers, with the need to expand the surveys in hematology  and cancers and the  early diagnosis for treatment to avoid complications. Finally, the conference stressed the need to pay attention to mentioned issues through cooperation between Higher Education and Health Ministries according to the relevant medical protocols.